What’s in The Mystery Box?

The Mystery Trend Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers 6-8 fun, new, and exciting toys to your doorstep! That’s right! New surprises every month! What hidden surprises will you get next?

Your subscription includes:

  1. 6-8 new surprises in your #YoYoMysteryTrendBox every month!
  2. Hours and hours of FUN and creativity in action!
  3. New and unique toys not yet released to anyone else – including your friends!
  4. Fan favorites in every Mystery Trend Box

How it works

Every month, you’ll receive a #YoyoMysteryTrendBox filled only with all things loved. You won’t BELIEVE the 6-8 fun and trendy surprises you will get every month! Because the toys are new, no one else will have them. Just wait until your friends see what you get!


Pick your plan, hit subscribe, and get ready for surprises!

We build your box

We handpick new & unique toys so you can have hours and hours of fun.

We pack and ship

Get excited! Your Mystery Trend Box is on its way! What will be inside!?

Delivered to you

Your treasure box of fun and trendy surprises has arrived. Have fun!


The perfect gift for your favorite teen, tween (or even younger) kid! Give as a birthday gift, party favor, relax toys, class prize, toy box, treasure box toys prizes, and more! Because new toys arrive every month, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Choose your subscription

Always expect YOYO Lip Gloss in the mix of your #YoYoMysteryTrendBox!

Our patented and fan-favorite YOYO Lip Gloss comes in yummy flavors, fun characters and cool styles.

Plus, you can expect 6-8 other trendy surprises!