over Manipulation

The YoYo Fun Mystery Trend box provides an alternative to online games and apps your kids get lured into playing with, at their own demise.

Watch and witness how differently they behave when their young minds aren’t being hijacked by the insidious nature of technology.

Our toys are all developed to stimulate cognitive function and healthy brain development by engaging 4 of the 5 senses in children.


Introducing the YoYo Fun Mystery Trend Box

The Mystery Trend Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers 6-8 fun, new, and exciting toys to your doorstep! That’s right! New surprises every month! What hidden surprises will you get next? Subscribe and see!

Your subscription includes:

  1. 6-8 new surprises in your #YoYoMysteryTrendBox every month!
  2. Hours and hours of FUN and creativity in action!
  3. New and unique toys not yet released to anyone else – including your friends!
  4. Fan favorites in every Mystery Trend Box
Over 50 Million toys
sold since 2008!

How it works

Every month, you’ll receive a #YoYoMysteryTrendBox filled only with all things loved. You won’t BELIEVE the 6-8 fun and trendy surprises you will get every month! Your kids will have so much fun using their imaginations.


Pick your plan, hit subscribe, and get ready for surprises!

We build your box

We handpick new & unique toys so you can have hours and hours of fun.

We pack and ship

Get excited! Your Mystery Trend Box is on its way! What will be inside!?

Delivered to you

Your treasure box of fun and trendy surprises has arrived. Have fun!



Give the gift of imagination. Watch with wonder as your child disappears into their imaginary world where all things are possible.

Our toys help kids develop healthy social and sharing skills. Give the perfect gift to a special child.

You’ll see the difference in her behavior...Guaranteed!

Emily's Mom
"Went from kicking walls before dinner to asking if she could help cook"- Emily's Mom
Emily's Mom
”Sara was always on her phone playing games. Now she’s reading more and having sleepovers.” - Sara’s Mom
Emily's Mom
“I couldn’t get her out of her room. She was always on her iPad. Now she’s having Slime parties with friends from school!” - Jackie’s Dad
Emily's Mom
”Lisa’s playing much nicer with her sisters now. Thank you YoYo!" - Lisa's Mom
Emily's Mom
"You gave me my daughter back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Happy Mom

Ready to change your kids attitude?

You’ll see the difference in her behavior...Guaranteed!


Hello! My name is Angie and
welcome to YOYO Fun!

I started my first company – YOYO Lip Gloss while in graduate school. Our patented lip gloss was first available in Justice and Wal-mart. Over a decade later, we are now YOYO World and found in over 30 countries around the globe. With YOYO Fun, we bring you the items from our collection right to your door.

My colorful imagination, joy of being creative, having fun and making memories are why I strive to bring you the best on-trend and unique products. In today’s society our children can get “lost” behind a device. It is our jobs as parents to stay engaged with our children and have them explore their creativity through art and interactive toys. That is how YOYO Fun is the answer! - Angie LEARN EVEN MORE ABOUT THE PASSION >


Choose Your Subscription

Always expect YOYO Lip Gloss in the mix of your #YoYoMysteryTrendBox!

Our patented and fan-favorite YOYO Lip Gloss comes in yummy flavors, fun characters and cool styles.

Plus, you can expect 6-8 other trendy surprises!